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Since setting up our contracting team in 2017, our approach has been to bring our ‘perm recruitment’ values over to the contracting world, putting the overall client and candidate experience above all else. We don’t send CVs without permission, we don’t inflate day rates, we don’t create false urgency and we value long term and exclusive relationships above all else.

Exclusive Relationships

Of the 40+ roles we have placed in the last year, almost exactly 50% of them have been on an exclusive basis with our clients. There are lots of benefits to working with an agency exclusively, but most importantly of all, our clients will know that they will be the sole focus of our activity until the role is filled. They receive our undivided attention, and we have the option of bringing in extra support from our wider team if needed. We know that if we do a great job then they are more likely to work with us again in future, so in exchange for giving us an exclusive opportunity we are very happy to negotiate exclusive rates. With our near 100% conversion rate on exclusive roles, extremely competitive rates and our very honest, open approach, you won’t be disappointed!


If you are working with us as a candidate, a very similar mindset applies. Whilst we aim to please every single candidate we work with, if you decide to partner with us on an exclusive basis, we will ensure you find out about our most exclusive opportunities before anyone else in the market. We will go the extra mile to keep you informed with every single movement in the job market, and meet you to tell you all about each client we work with and not just their current hiring plans, but where we see opportunities arising in the relevant teams to suit your experience. 28% of our last 40 placements occurred when working with exclusive candidates, and in most cases by taking a proactive approach to making very targeted and relevant introductions to the right hiring manager at the right time. Why be on a list of 15-20 CV's sent to a job which is all around the market, when you could be one of just 2/3 people we are discussing during our meetings with exclusive clients? 

First-time Contractors

If you have made the decision to offer your services as a contractor for the first time, we can help make the transition as efficient as possible. In addition to the usual market updates and identification of suitable roles, we can also advise on some of the detail you may not have considered:


  • Navigating through a permanent notice period

  • Setting up a limited company

  • Arranging accountancy services

  • IR35 tax rules

  • Day rate expectations

  • Managing travel/time away from home

  • How to impress and win extensions


Whether you are immediately available to start, or in a perm role and considering your options, contact us now to explore how we can help you!

Placements by location






















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Recent Placements include:


  • Cashflow Model Calibration Actuary

  • Internal Model Validation Actuary

  • Reporting Manager

  • Prophet Development Actuary

  • ALM and Inflation Risk Modeller

  • Personal Lines Pricing Actuary

  • Reserving Actuary

  • Technical Lead Actuary

  • GI Capital Modelling Actuary

  • Home Pricing Analyst

  • Product Governance Actuarial Manager

  • Access/ VBA Contractor

  • Big 4 Senior Manager

  • BPA Pricing Actuary

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